Patient Information
Liver Biopsy
A Liver Biopsy is a procedure done to take a microscopic sample of liver tissue for analysis under a microscope.  Laying on your back with your right arm above your head, the skin area above the liver is numbed with a local anesthetic.  You will be asked to take a few deep breaths and then hold your breath.  While you hold your breath, a sample of liver tissue is taken using a long, fine needle.  This only takes 1-2 seconds.  You may feel a quick push or discomfort as the needle is inserted, but there is usually no pain.   A small bandage or band aide is applied to the skin and you will be asked to lie on your right side for about 4 hours afterward.

Special Instructions:
1.  Arrive at the hospital one-half to one hour prior to your scheduled procedure time.  Bring your insurance cards and information.
2.  A responsible person must come with you who can stay during the procedure and drive you home
3.  DO NOT take any aspirin or aspirin-containing drugs for 72 hours before the procedure.
4.  If you take a blood thinner or anticoagulant drug, your doctor will asking your to stop taking it 3 or 4 days before the procedure.  Discuss this with your doctor in advance.

What to expect:
Before your procedure you will be interviewed by a Registered Nurse.  She will ask some questions about your symptoms, health history and take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature.  If you do not know them by name, please bring a list of your allergies and current medications.  An I.V. will be started in your arm and a blood sample may be taken.  After the procedure you will be asked to lie on your right side.  Your blood pressure and pulse will be monitored frequently and the bandage checked often.  When you go home you should rest for the rest of the day and lift nothing weighing over 10 pounds.  You can resume your normal activities the day after the procedure and return to work.  Your doctor should receive the report of your biopsy in 3-4 days.